Personalised nutrition coaching to help you look, perform and feel your best.



What is Perfect You Nutrition?


The Perfect You Nutrition approach is all about smarter, healthier eating which is tailored to individual lifestyles and goals whether it be to get leaner, improve health and wellbeing or enhance sporting performance. The approach involves meeting and getting to know clients which is vital for creating a nutrition plan that works. These are not generic, one size fits all types, nutrition plans are customised as everyone is different.


Our busy lives often get in the way of good nutrition and our good intentions can go out the window as work commitments, family and hectic schedules take up our time. Everybody has different barriers to good nutrition and the Perfect You system and approach can help you incorporate good nutrition into a busy life whatever the circumstances.


Alongside nutrition plans there is educational support and resources to help clients understand what good nutrition is and why it will enhance their lives. The result is that ultimately people can be in control of their own nutrition which is long lasting and sustainable.


Good nutrition also doesn’t have to involve eating the same boring, bland  foods all the time.  In fact eating nutritious, healthy food can help people discover a variety of new, tasty, exciting foods they may never have tried before. Perfect You Nutrition doesn’t just provide basic meal options in the nutrition plan but includes many easy to follow recipes that will make mealtimes and snacks varied and enjoyable. This is the secret to long term success as well as developing smarter eating habits that fit into your lifestyle. Habits are automatic and built in so they are easier to do, unlike going on a ‘diet’ that might last a few weeks or months


What we eat affects everything in our lives! Good nutrition can make us feel happier and more confident, be healthier and stronger, look and perform  better, have more energy and improve our sleep. Who doesn’t want all those things?  You can have them and Perfect You Nutrition can help you achieve them.


In the last few years I have discovered the power of good nutrition and exercise. It has transformed my life.In my thirties I have never felt better, healthier and stronger. Educating myself and experimenting with nutrition has helped me achieve my health, body composition goals and also improve my performance during training. Good nutrition and eating right for ‘me’ makes me feel great and keeps me energised throughout my hectic day as a busy full time working mum and wife.


I set up Perfect You because I want to help people feel the same, change their lives and discover the link between good nutrition and quality of life.



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