Personalised nutrition coaching to help you look, perform and feel your best.

Perfect You Nutrition @Home £99

Make a night of it, have friends round, a glass of wine, sit back and find out about improving your eating habits, getting leaner and healthier…and change your life!

This is a one hour session you can arrange to have in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends or family who are interested in getting lean, being healthier and improving their own nutrition. The aim of the session is to provide the knowledge and understanding so you can create your own nutrition plan and develop smarter eating habits which can easily be incorporated into your current diet and lifestyle. They will help you achieve the body composition you want. The session will include:

• clear explanations of nutrition concepts so you have a better understanding of good nutrition and healthy eating.

• the eat smart habits which are the strategies you can use to help you get leaner.

• time and support to plan a typical day of your nutrition plan with a variety of examples of meals and snacks to help you.

• samples of healthy snacks to taste.

• an information pack and recipe cards to take away.

To allow for individual questions and support there is a maximum of 10 people. The more people you have the cheaper it will be – Fill all the places and it works out at approximately £10 per person.

Price: £99.00

Shipping: £0.00

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