Personalised nutrition coaching to help you look, perform and feel your best.

Perfect You Nutrition Plan £149

This includes a tailor made nutrition plan but with the addition 3 months support. This choice is right for you if you feel you need more support and want your progress monitoring and updating each month. Changes to nutrition are important as our bodies adapt and that is when people often reach a plateau with their progress.

This package includes:

• A comprehensive client assessment and face to face consultation.

• A tailor made nutrition plan for your personal needs, goals, lifestyle and body type. It will include a detailed breakdown of meals with several options to choose from.

• Supplement advice.

• An education pack which includes resources to help you learn about nutrition, the main concepts and the eat smart habits.

• Easy to follow recipes which accompany your nutrition plan and ideas for healthy snacks.

Monthly support includes:

• Analysis of nutrition diaries, photos and body measurements.

• Updates to your nutrition plan with new recipes to accompany any changes.

• A 15 minute arranged phone call to discuss progress / updates.

If you wish to continue your support after the package has ended then you can pay £20 monthly which can be cancelled at any time.

Price: £149.00

Shipping: £0.00

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