Personalised nutrition coaching to help you look, perform and feel your best.

Perfect You Nutrition Plan £99

This is ideal if you just want a tailor made nutrition plan but you don’t want the follow up support.

This includes:

• A comprehensive client assessment and face to face consultation.

• A tailor made nutrition plan for your personal needs, goals, lifestyle and body type. It will include a detailed breakdown of meals with several options to choose from.

• Supplement advice.

• An education pack which includes resources to help you learn about nutrition, the main concepts and the eat smart habits.

• Easy to follow recipes which accompany your nutrition plan and ideas for healthy snacks.

• One month e mail support for any follow up questions.

The nutrition plan and information is all sent via e mail within 3 – 5 working days after the initial consultation.

Price: £99.00

Shipping: £0.00

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