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Perfect You Nutrition is the way to go…

“Perfect You Nutrition is the way to go to really understand your nutritional needs for whatever reason. I was training for an ultramarathon and knew I wasn’t feeling the best. I thought I was eating the right food until I completed a questionnaire and had a discussion with Joanne. She knew straight away why I wasn’t performing the way I wanted and she changed my diet in a supportive, helpful way by talking to me and tweaking things where required. I’m pleased to say that I not only completed my ultramarathon, but I had an amazingly quick recovery!


I would highly recommend Perfect You Nutrition whether you’re an athlete or someone who wants to lose weight or you just want to eat healthily using the foods that are right for you and your body.


I was so impressed that I bought one of Joanne’s birthday gift packages for my daughter who wanted to lose weight and get back into shape after having children. She can’t wait to get started on her tailor made nutrition plan.


Thank you to Joanne and Perfect You Nutrition.”


Hilary Shaw



I love the healthy eating plan…

“I love the healthy eating plan Joanne created for me and to be honest I feel great. I never feel hungry or have cravings anymore. I’m sleeping a lot better and I am much less stressed. The plan is easy to follow, flexible and includes all the foods I enjoy. It’s also adapted for when I eat out and there have been loads of recipes for me to try if I want to. I’ve especially liked the chocolate orange cake. It doesn’t feel like I’m on a diet which is not how I have felt in the past and I still can have a little treat like a glass of wine or a dessert occasionally without feeling guilty.


What I’m most pleased about is that my blood pressure has gone down to a normal level. I’ve also lost weight and my jeans are too big now as I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist. It’s lovely when people notice but more importantly I feel so much better.”


Susan Jamieson

After years of yoyo dieting…


“After years of yoyo dieting I met Joanne. She showed me that I could lose weight and inches and maintain it by eating normal, healthy food. She looked at my personal eating habits, my likes and dislikes and gave me an individualised eating plan that suited me and would fit into my busy day. Losing weight and inches has given me confidence in the clothes that I wear. My body shape has changed so much that I now wear dresses. My 23 year old son remarked ‘what are you doing wearing a dress’. He was shocked because, he is not used to seeing me one. I also feel fuller after meals and enjoy different foods (which Joanne has introduced me to).


One of the best things about Joanne is her enthusiasm and she passes this onto you. She explains about nutrition in a way I understand so I know about the types of food I should be eating. I also don’t feel like I’m missing out on any foods and still enjoy meals out. I don’t feel like I’m on a diet (which I’m not) which I always felt like in the past. For the first time I’m eating a normal healthy diet, losing weight and inches which I know will last.”


Susan Cummins



Perfect You Nutrition, has simply changed my life…

“I signed up to “Personalised Nutrition Coaching” just over three months ago. My body has changed dramatically from struggling into a size 14 to walking into Top Shop and slipping on a size 10 slim leg jean. I looked and felt fantastic!!. Joanne personalised my nutrition taking into account my hectic lifestyle, my training and most importantly my basic knowledge of healthy eating. Joanne was always available to advise and guide me with any queries/questions I had. I thank you Joanne you have changed my life.


Jacqueline Lovett


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